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Welcome to Wireless Netware Technology, your trusted partner for MikroTik training. For over a decade, we've been empowering networking professionals with cutting-edge skills and knowledge, positioning ourselves as a prominent MikroTik Training Center. In addition, as an official MikroTik Coordinator, we work closely with MikroTik to ensure we provide up-to-date and industry-relevant training.

Upcoming Training Courses


Discover the Latest MikroTik Training Opportunities

For those eager to dive into the world of MikroTik or further their expertise, we regularly offer various MikroTik training courses. Stay updated with our schedule and find the perfect course that suits your requirements. Simply click here to browse our upcoming training courses and register your spot!

Group Training and Workshops


Customized Training Tailored for Your Organization

At Wireless Netware, we recognize the diverse needs of companies and professionals. Therefore, we provide specialized group training and workshops tailored to your organization's unique requirements.


Why choose our group training?

Customization: Courses molded to meet your company's specific needs.

Cost-Effective: Save on training costs by hosting sessions at your location, eliminating the need for travel and accommodation.

Convenience: Reduce logistical challenges and ensure a seamless learning experience for your team.

Ready to elevate your team's MikroTik skills? Contact us for personalized group training solutions.

Knowledge Base


The Pathway to Becoming a MikroTik Maven

Whether you're a novice exploring networking or an expert seeking advanced proficiency, our MikroTik training courses are designed to propel you to excellence.

Why become MikroTik certified with us?

Recognition: Stand out in the networking field with globally recognized MikroTik certifications.
Career Growth: Boost your prospects as a MikroTik consultant, enhancing your profile and market value.
Entrepreneurship: Explore the potential of becoming a MikroTik trainer, empowering others and building your own training business anchored in MikroTik expertise.

Embark on a transformative journey with Wireless Netware's MikroTik training programs. Learn more about our offerings and the potential that awaits.