Become a Wireless Netware

Partnership Benefits

Become a Wireless Netware partner and get the benefit of Special perks for our most dedicated customers.
Let’s make our community stronger!

VIP Discount

  • Enjoy up to 30% off of our consultant services.
  • Up to 20% off of the purchase of every product
  • One free official MikroTik training course a year, or
  • One free online Workshop every three months.
  • Get 50% off of extra training courses.

Experience Priority Support

  • Experience expedited support and receive respond less than two hours.
  • 356/24/7, Access to backup hardware for recovery. "UPS EXPRESS or pickup at store" We ship you a RouterBOARD to recover your network in one business day
  • We can provide you with a LAB similar to your network design to build your system before implementing it in the production network.
  • 14 Days trial hardware including consultant.

Become a MikroTik Consultant

Add Your name/Your Company name to MikroTik Consultant list ""

Let the people who trust you to find you quickly and get the benefit of substantial traffic referrals from MikroTik website.

How it works!


  • $75 Monthly for three-year agreement or $100 for a one-year agreement
  • Nominal deposit: Put down an initial $500 deposit, if you are interested in getting your free training at the beginning of the contract. It will be credit back to your account after six months of active billing.