Online MTCNA

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  • Fast Growing Market:

Canadian businesses are switching to MikroTik's reliable cost-efficient products. The demand for MikroTik experts is steadily on the rise.

  • Career Opportunities:

MTCNA is the fundamental MikroTik certificate, and you will have access to more advanced training and better job options after you acquire its certificate.

  • Technical Knowledge Not Needed:

Network management is over 30 years old! We're no longer dealing with complicated concepts. Our course only teaches practical skills and useful knowledge for the field.

  • Free, at Your Own Pace:

The course is available online for free, and you are in full control of learning. Study as quickly, or patiently, as you wish, anywhere you want!

What is MTCNA?

MTCNA (MikroTik Certified Network Associate) is the basic MikroTik certificate that helps you to pursue training in advanced MikroTik courses.

The course is free! No enrollment required.

Simply subscribe to our YouTube channel and start learning! That's all you need to do!

Required Equipment

Apart from your laptop, an outlet power bar, and 3 LAN cables, you will only need 2 of one of the five routers below, which you can purchase from our shop based on your preference and budget.

hAP ac2

85.56 CAD


74.34 CAD

hAP mini

24.74 CAD

hAP lite TC

27.22 CAD


Part of the MTCNA course deals with wireless features and configurations.


As some of the content you will learn are not available virutally, you will need this lab setup and thus two MikroTik routers for your network.



MTCNA Lab Setup

Where to Start?

If you've subscribed to our YouTube channel, simply scroll down and start with Module 1.

In case you wish to learn with a certified MikroTik trainer, enroll in our MTCNA Training Programs.

$695 CAD for Online Classes

$895 CAD for In-Person Classes (Post-COVID)

MTCNA Course Tutorials

MikroTik & RouterOS Intro (Complete)
Module 4: Routing (Coming Soon)
Module 5: QoS (Coming Soon)
Module 6: Tunnels (Coming Soon)
Module 7: Wireless (Coming Soon)
Module 8: Bridging (Coming Soon)
Module 9: Misc (Coming Soon)
Extra: Intro to MikroTik Hardware (In Progress)

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