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Wireless Netware is a leading MikroTik distributor and trainer across Canada and North America. Our MikroTik specialists are ready to help you with building a perfect wireless network for your business or other needs. We have over 15 years of networking experience behind our backs, delivering you quality networking hardware, software, support and services. We’re ready to offer all the support and assistance you need when setting up, managing and updating your company’s networking solution. 


At Wireless Netware, we offer you cost-effective, reliable and secure networking systems that make every employee happy. We can help you build wireless Internet and Intranet networks of any complexity. We also offer you extensive MikroTik training and workshops, which allow you to become a certified MikroTik professional.





Sales:  +1 647-477-0163

Support: +1 833-392-2996

When to Contact MikroTik Specialists

Contact Wireless Netware MikroTik specialists in the following cases:


  • You Want to build a quality and affordable wireless network for your company;
  • You want to learn what networking solutions are best for your business type;
  • You need to build an Intranet network;
  • You want us to take care of your WIFI, bandwidth control and firewall needs;
  • You’re an IT company that wants to become our partner and enjoy exclusive discounts and benefits;
  • You want to take part in our training courses and workshops;
  • You’re interested in MikroTik Certifications;
  • You want to join our team of Certified MikroTik Specialists;
  • You want to join our referral program and earn additional income spreading Mikrotik networking software and hardware;
  • And more - you’re always welcome! 


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