Official MikoTik Training Center in Markham, Ontario 

Join our comprehensive Firewall Workshop

Official MikroTik 

 Training Center 

Join our comprehensive

Firewall Workshop

What our Firewall Workshop offers:

  • Deep Understanding: No previous training is required; get a solid foundation and advanced networking knowledge.
  • Real Equipment: Gain hands-on experience with MikroTik routers and firewall hardware.
  • Unique Talent Pool: Enhance your resume, gain unique skills, and join professional networking communities.

Why choose our training?

  • Expert Guidance: Led by senior practitioners with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Hands-on Training: Practice with real MikroTik equipment and troubleshoot typical issues.
  • Career Advancement: Prepare for MikroTik certifications and enhance your networking career

We help you to prepare for the MikroTik Certification

  • Our workshops cover essential topics, providing practical examples to help you prepare for MikroTik Certification exams.

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