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We can help lifelong learners in our community like yourself to stay motivated. Continue your studies and reach your next career milestone with our MikroTik online training and certification resources.

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Whether you are finishing up a certification or reviewing challenging topics, Wireless Netware Technology's "MikroTik Training Center" provides you with the training materials to keep you learning. Access MikroTik official training webinars, subject matter experts and exclusive training offer below.

How does it work?

The MikroTik Training Center provides learning tools, training resources, and industry guidance to anyone interested in building an IT career through MikroTik certifications. Check out the community offerings, learn from your trusted peers and join the discussion today. 

Wireless Netware, MikroTik Training Center

Wireless Netware Technology hosts MikroTik Certifications for all certification levels. Check out what we are offering and join the discussion today.

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How to RECERTIFY for your MikroTik Certifications?

The exams may not be taken online. When you come to the classroom to write your exam, we will do a short recap and some labs to evaluate your knowledge and troubleshoot in person if necessary. After that you will sit for the exam.

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How to Enroll for our online Training

Advance your profession with an MTCRE Certification and become a MikroTik Consulting Engineer