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Wireless Netware’s partners are MikroTik consultants and Certified Engineers, who know MikroTik RouterOS and RouterBOARDS inside-out. Each partner also has exclusive access to MikroTik support by Wireless Netware team helping your business get the most of its connectivity.

Get Wireless Netware’s MikroTik Support

At Wireless Netware, we deliver you cost-effective, secure and reliable networks and Internet solutions for over 15 years. Specializing in MikroTik supported hardware and software, we’ve earned our reputation providing secure network connectivity to businesses across Canada and North America. 


We not only specialize in providing MikroTik network and Internet solutions. We are also #1 MicroTik support and training provider in North America. Our Training Center offers training and certification to Wireless Netware partners, offering them a chance to become MikroTik Certified Engineers, read true MikroTik supported hardware and software experts. 


Once the training is over, we partner with the best Certified Engineers to offer businesses and organizations first-rate MikroTik support and on-site services when needed. MikroTik Certified Engineers can answer any of your questions, help with network setup, system monitoring, updates, etc. Their help is invaluable to ensure that you get the most out of your wireless networks!


Maintain and support a fully-functioning enterprise network without the cost of full-time networking staff.

We provide a Certified Networking Engineer on-site as needed.

Costs are based on usage, with no fixed-term contract. Get priority support, monitoring, system and firmware updates, and make changes as needed while controlling IT costs.

What MikroTik Consultants Offer

One-on-one Service


Get an expert attached to your business network to have a single point of support access. Get any help and the services you need. Get a quote and pay based on usage.

Accessible MikroTik Support


You can contact your certified MikroTik Consultant by e-mail, phone or online. You chose the means of communication you prefer. You can request any services including priority support for any issues, network monitoring, firmware updates, etc.

Get Any Issues Solved


MikroTik Certified Engineers have a close-knit community. They’ll all make their best to solve any complex issues that may appear. What’s more, MikroTik consultants can request Wireless Netware support and you’ll get help from us directly.

MikroTik Support Is Right For:

  • Design wire and wireless network
  • Security
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring

Who Is MikroTik Support For

Our MikroTik consultants help you build and support reliable, secure and effective wireless networks. They’re experienced working with the full range of MikroTik solutions, providing you with any assistance and on-demand services that you need. Our MikroTik Certified Engineers  are experienced supporting the following types of businesses and organizations:




VoIP Service Providers

Managed IT Service Providers

Small/Medium Businesses

Our MikroTik Tech Support Is Here For You

At Wireless Networks we provide you with the best networking solutions for your organization. We also connect you with qualified MikroTik tech support experts from all over North America. Your personal MikroTik tech support agent will be ready to offer support via Live Chat, phone or email when you need it.  


To access MikroTik support, you don’t have to pay a monthly or yearly fee. Instead, you contact your MikroTik expert whenever you need and get a quote on the requested assistance. We’re proud to offer you high-quality expert support, with our MikroTik Consultants successfully helping you set up and manage wireless networks more effectively. To enjoy quality support by our certified experts, scroll down and request a quote!

Types of MikroTik Support You Can Request

  • Pre-paid Consulting Services - Do you need help with MikroTik hardware or software? Pay for expert’s help on an hourly basis or in bulk.
  • Free Hardware Consulting - Get free help setting up Ethernet or Wireless for Home and Office solutions.
  • Large-scale Services - Order consulting and services for large-scale wireless, point-to-point, PtMP and Mesh networks.
  • Help with RMA (Return Material Authorization).
  • And other services.

Your Benefits...


With qualified MikroTik technical support, you tap into the following benefits:


  • Reduced network downtime & fast service - Resolve any issues faster and significantly reduce downtime with expertise from MikroTik Consultants.
  • Fast help and service.
  • Emergency network support.
  • You can outsource firmware updates, network monitoring, etc..
  • Lower cost of network operation.
  • Improve security and proactive threat management.
  • Network performance improvement.

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We can take care of your IT needs while you focus on the work you enjoy. We provide customized solutions to meet your company goals. Unique plans include optimization, cloud migration, and much more!