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Zero Downtime All-Purpose 100G Switch!

Infinitely Up and Running!

A network manager's worst nightmare is probably a lengthy network downtime that brings about hundreds of troubleshooting tickets, endless calls, and the stress of getting connections back on their feet under a time crunch!

Well then, what's better than a powerful device that deals with heavy traffic like a champ and guarantees maximum network uptime, especially in crucial 100G networks?

Introducing the CRS510-8XS-2XQ-IN, a 100 Gigabit indoor switch that'll fit in well in various demanding netowrk designs, thanks to its colorful port arrangement, powering options, and backward compatibility.

Looking to Upgrade Your Network?

How Versatile Are We Talking About?

Let's start with the port arrangements: The CRS510-8XS-2XQ-IN brings you a pair of 100G QSFP28 ports along with 8 25G SFP28 ports. These go hand in hand with a Fast Ethernet port for management and an extra RJ45 serial console.


In terms of powering, this switch gives you four options! First, you have the dual hot-swap AC power supplies that are more than enough on their own. However, to ensure maximum uptime or fit in a variety of other network designs, this device comes with PoE-In, a DC jack, as well as a 36-57 V 2-pin terminal.

The hardware used on this device give you a great deal of operational flexibility. Primarily, you can connect various devices, including direct attach cables, active optical cables, copper RJ45s, etc.


What's more, this Cloud Router Switch is backward compatible, meaning it can support connections below 100G, including 40 Gigabit, 25 Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, and even older Gigabit connections.


And performance-wise, the new CRS510 has shown promise, handling VLANs, ACL, MLAG, Jumbo frames, and so much more with ease. MikroTik experts have even ventured into the realm of L3 hardware offloading!

Don't Miss the 100G Train!

As we have mentioned several times now, MikroTik is consistently growing its family of 100G hardware, and, given the huge volumes of data being transmitted across today's networks, 100G connectivity speeds will soon turn from an advantage to an absolute necessity.


In case you are thinking about upgrading your business infrastructure to better serve your customers or simply looking to gain yet another competitive edge in your industry, we'd be delighted to have a chat!

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