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Take Wi-Fi 6 with You Everywhere!

New Year's Surprise!

It has probably come sooner than expected, and we didn't expect to carry Wi-Fi 6 around so soon, but it has actually happened!


Presenting you the hAP ax lite, MikroTik's tiny and powerful new access point, bringing you the blazing connections of Wi-Fi 6 with an array of features to truly unleash the force that is RouterOS 7!

As Powerful as it is Convenient!

Smaller, cheaper but more powerful? That's rather too good to be true...


Yet, that is exactly the case with the hAP ax lite! With the Gen6 AX wireless chip, you can go to new lengths within the 2.4 GHz wireless spectrum!


With a dual-core 1 Ghz ARM CPU, 256 MB of RAM, and much higher dual-chain antenna gain of up to 4.3 dBi, you can expect the hAP ax lite to bring you speed increases of about 90% depending on your overall setup.

Wish to know more? Why not listen to MikroTik's very own Anta tell you all about this new Wi-Fi 6 addition that will cost you one night's supper?

What to Do and Where?

This affordable access point is mostly suited to scalable businesses, especially expanding offices or hotels. It is also a perfect home AP and can make your family very, very happy! Trust us!


VoIP service providers, ISPs and WISPs can also use it as CPEs to introduce Wi-Fi 6 into their client's networks with negligble fees and present the differences Wi-Fi 6 can make in both home and office settings, especially for remote employees who require secure access to company networks.


Moreover, the security features of the hAP ax lite make it a superb companion for business owners and network managers who understand the value of online security. With this device, you can easily establish VPN tunnels and implement various firewall measures.

Home and Small Office Networks
VoIP Service Providers
Wireless ISPs
Hotels & Accommodation

Capitalize on the Power of Wi-Fi 6!

Wi-Fi 6 is bound to become more prevalent as time goes by, testimony to which is the previous launch of two other AX wireless devices, namely the hAP ax2 and hAP ax3.


If you haven't had a chance to check these products out, we strongly recommend you click on either and read up on their capabilities. Wi-Fi 6 will soon find its way into your office or living room!

Just like the hAP ax2 and ax3, the hAP ax lite will certainly make a difference in your online experience, work efficiency or company productivity. If you wish to learn availability dates and discuss how to unleash the potentials of Wi-Fi 6 in your network, we're just a phone call away!