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Switching Versatility Through the Roof!

MikroTik Bottleneck Buster

That's got a nice ring to it, doesn't it?


A network void of bottlenecks is the stuff dreams are made of. Well, it's no longer a dream.


MikroTik's CRS312-4C+8XG-RM is the upgrade any network needs, and with the addition of this powerful switch to your setup, you can wave goodbye to any possible underperformance or sporadic network congestions.

Manufactured for the Future

This router switch has been produced to keep you company in the long run.


With a 650 MHz CPU and 64 MB of RAM, this device brings a desirable network upgrade to existing infrastructure using a practical variety of 1G/2.5G/5G/10G Ethernet ports, 4 Combo 10G Ethernet/ SFP+ ports, and a single copper 10/100 Ethernet port for management.


The combo ports can be used alongside the set of 8 regular 10G RJ45 ports whenever you feel the need to alternate between 10G RJ45 Ethernet or 10G SFP+, when you need an additional fiber connection.


It should be noted that the ports on this MikroTik switch can also be software selected, meaning RouterOS scripting can be utilized by more seasoned network managers, to decide which combo ports will be active. Also, this switch enjoys a full-size Type A USB port for greater storage that facilitates usage.

Heavy Traffic Becomes Child's Play

This hardware delivers a noteworthy total non-blocking throughput of 120 Gbps, a switching capacity of 240 Gbps, and a forwarding rate of 178 Mpps, making the CRS312-4C+8XG-RM capable of delivering the most impressive results.


In addition, the CRS312 is a dual-boot MikroTik hardware, allowing users to switch between RouterOS for a long list of routing capabilities or the SwitchOS that offers a more simplistic interface for all standard switching functions. On a similar duality note, this hardware has a dual power supply for redundancy that will bring about your peace of mind with no possibility of unexpected downtimes.


If you deal with huge volumes of data and heavy ongoing traffic, this Cloud Router Switch (CRS) will prove a welcome addition to your arsenal. With this CRS, you can enjoy the reliability of rapid connections day in and day out to implement large business and professional projects, such as multimedia production, scientific research, game development, big data analysis and so on.

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