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  • It has been a few months now, ever since the launch of the CCR2216, that MikroTik is routinely introducing new 100 Gigabit connectivity hardware into its list of devices. Here's a review of all their 100G devices so far in case you've missed any of them. 100 Gigabit networking is indeed a reality now!

  • In its newsletter of July 4, 2022, MikroTik has introduced a number of price changes for a group of selected products. Read more to find out about these new pricings and how to purchase them.

  • Rogers Communications experienced an internet company's worst nightmare on Friday, and, with what has become known as the #RogersOutage2022, million of Canadians and thousands of businesses across the country witnessed major and continuous disruptions in their services. Maybe it is time to seriously think about having a backup plan for your business's connectivity network.

  • With the introduction to Netinstall, we finished Module 1 of the MTCNA program. In this video, after a very short overview of what we have covered so far, we delve into Module 2 of this online course and begin the introduction of DHCP, that stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

  • In addition to the upgraded version of the RB5009 (the RB5009UPr+S+IN) and the two CRS518 and CSS610 switches, MikroTik has also launched the US version of the SXT LTE6 kit and a new QSFP28 module named XQ+85MP01D that gives you four independent full-duplex channels with up to 25 Gbps per channel bandwidth  for distances up to 100m.