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  • Yesterday, January 24, 2023, MikroTik announced slight price increases to a limited number of products. In total, 9 items have been subject to this change. Read more here.

  • With an Ethernet router and a pair of switches for 100G networking, MikroTik has now turned its attention to extending the reach of 100G devices. Meet the XQ+31LC10D, a QSFP28 module that will allow you to deliver reliable and blazing connections easily for up to 10 kilometers!

  • There's no set limit on how fast the wireless connection of a home or office should be, and the hAP ax3 is here to raise the bar. Powerful enough to allow you conduct heavy-duty tasks over the wireless connection, it promises not to create any disturbance for other active users as they casually stream media or browse the web.

  • Not all hardware are designed for comfy indoor spaces. Some are built to withstand the punishment of harsh weathers while maintaining stable connections. FiberBox Plus is such a hardened device in the switches category, and with two pairs of 10G SFP+ ports as well as a ingress protection level of IP66, it is the perfect affordable switch for large networks such as those of camp sites, seaside resorts or portyards, factories, and many others.