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  • Cut costs, not speed – forget about the expensive GPON!


    Introducing netPower 15FR - an outdoor 18 port switch with 15 reverse PoE ports and SFP! It is an easy to deploy, low-cost way for any ISP to deliver the Internet to individual apartments.

    You don’t have to worry about power options in the attic or the utility room – netPower 15FR has 15 reverse PoE-in ports. Depending on your setup, netPower can draw the necessary power even from a single client! Another Ethernet port has PoE-out – you can use it to power an aggregate link such as our Wireless Wire Dish or a security camera, for example. There are also two SFP ports for fiber connectivity.

    More information about netPower 15FR:

    With netPower 15FR switch, you can forget about expensive GPON base stations and optical splitters. This switch is a part of our GPEN concept – aimed to bring the speed and versatility of fiber networking while using the advantages of Ethernet.

    MikroTik GPEN concept can replace any existing or future GPON solution. It provides all the benefits of GPON but utilizes well-proven, simple and inexpensive Ethernet solutions. More information about the GPEN concept:

    We are also introducing two new power supplies - MT48-480095-11DG (48 V, 0.95 A) and MT48-570080-11DG (57 V, 0.8 A), that allows using long Ethernet cable runs and multiple GPER units - please refer to the table in the last page of GPEN concept brochure in the link above.