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  • MikroTik is expanding its family of Wi-Fi 6 devices, and, after the hAP ax2, now come two other wireless access points for home and office: Chateau 5g ax and Chateau LTE18 ax, bringing you blazing fast connectivity with IPsec hardware encryption support for completely secure VPN tunnels, remote access, complex firewall measures, and much more!

  • The wait is finally over! MikroTik has unveiled the hAP ax2, its first wireless product that carries the new generation of Wi-Fi connectivity, i.e., the Wi-Fi 6! With 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, a quad-core ARM CPU and 1 GB of RAM, this product is bound to bring superior connectivity speeds to your home and office!

  • We have an incoming shipment of MikroTik hardware, including the hAP ac3, the CRS328-24P-4S+RM, Wireless Wire Cube Pro, and the wAP ac, which is due to arrive in about 10 days. Nevertheless, given the high demand for these products and the recent up and down supplies, we recommend you back order now to be able to deliver your services on time.

  • It has been a few months now, ever since the launch of the CCR2216, that MikroTik is routinely introducing new 100 Gigabit connectivity hardware into its list of devices. Here's a review of all their 100G devices so far in case you've missed any of them. 100 Gigabit networking is indeed a reality now!

  • In its newsletter of July 4, 2022, MikroTik has introduced a number of price changes for a group of selected products. Read more to find out about these new pricings and how to purchase them.