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MikroTik Training

At the MikroTik training center, we teach you to torch the network by improving your troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

  • DHCP is a highly useful tool for network manageemnt, and, following our introduction to DHCP client and server, we thought it'd be useful to provide you with a gist of the most important issues when setting up your DHCP client and server. Also, in our latest video, we walk you through the allocation of IP host information and discuss what a DHCP lease is, how it and other IP information are created and provided to the client, and what criteria should you observer when determining lease time.

  • A complicated task or an emergency in your network shouldn't necessarily rob you off the regular workplace comfort or convenience you need to get the job done. With sufficient technical knowledge and the understanding of the tools at your arsenal, even the most demanding tasks can be easily handled, and that is exactly what we aim for in our MikroTik training courses.

  • With the introduction of RouterOS v7 some months ago, it's a great time to learn the standard method of upgrading the RouterBOARD operating system. Though unbelievably easy, upgrading and/or downgrading RouterOS or adding new packages to your current operating system requires a little bit of attention to details, all of which we address in this video.

  • Following up on our previous tutorial in which we used the Source NAT as a feature that helped resolve a disconnection for an IP address on the Class AP, we are taking a step further in this video and introducing Masquerade, a more advanced, NAT-based feature that will help you automate the NAT feature and tackle recurring network issues.

  • Log can give you a great deal of information about the events and conditions of a network. In this video, we have used and defined different log rules in the form of firewall filters on MikroTik's RouterOS to monitor forwarded, output, and input ping packets traveling through our MTCNA home lab network.

Why Join Wireless Netware Mikrotik Training Center

Are you looking to take full advantage of your time at MikroTik Training Center? Then, you may want to become a MikroTik Certified Consultant. If you’re a Wireless Netware partner, accomplish the training to become a local MikroTik expert, earn additional income and help your local community get adequate wireless network access. 


Becoming a part of the Wireless Netware community is a very big decision, which automatically gives you distinction and privileges in the community. After receiving MikroTik certifications, our consultants join a close-knit community, which offers you a chance to improve your business. We call it Technology Fraternity. After completing the course, you get a chance to participate in various workshops. You’re also eligible for special Wireless Netware benefits for Certified Consultants.