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A Switch for All Seasons!

A Tough Switch that is Hard to Beat!

Not all network hardware have the luxury of rackmounts and server rooms. For some, it’s all high altitudes, rough conditions, and non-stop operation. For such situations, you need those rugged devices that can take a beating. MikroTik's new FiberBox Plus can do just that! Enjoy 10 Gigabit outdoor networking for an affordable price!

Practically Efficient All Around

An outdoor switch designed for connecting devices on masts, poles or towers such as the mANTBox 52 or the LHG XL 52, the FiberBox Plus is a perfect product for crowded areas with different, divided spaces such as a campsite, which can include guest houses, dining areas, and other spaces such as the owner’s cabin.


With four 10G SFP+ ports that run traffic on an 800 MHz ARM CPU and 256 MB of RAM, this switch is able to connect all those locations. While one fiber can be allocated to the base station to provide Wi-Fi access for guests, two other ports can be used for the food court and the owner’s log.

Moreover, in addition to a 2-pin terminal and a standard DC jack, the dual-boot (RouterOS & SwitchOS) FiberBox Plus has PoE-in on its single Gigabit Ethernet port, giving you three different powering options that promise maximum uptime and zero complaints about network disconnections from the clients.

And just in case you have any reservations weather-wise, note that this switch sports a solid water resistance rating of IP66, meaning that it can withstand powerful water jets from any direction. Apart from messy weather conditions, unwanted jets of water from mishaps in various setup locations, e.g., basements, elevator shafts, seaport facilities, and the like.

Neat Upgrade for FiberBox Setups

FiberBox Plus neatly fills a gap between some previous MikroTik hardware. While it is indeed an upgrade compared to preceding FiberBox versions, it can simultaneously be regarded as a budget version of the netFiber 9. If you don’t need the extra Gigabit SFP ports on netFiber 9, you can save a great deal by opting for the FiberBox Plus.


If your network is in need of a powerful switch in harsh weather or less suitable conditions and you’re looking for a reliable option that can bring you solid 10G connectivity, look no further. Back-order today and receive your FiberBox Plus to reinforce your services.


No downtime, no weak signals, and certainly no worries from the rain. Make sure you give us a nod for further info!

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