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Maximize the growth of your business by becoming a Wireless Netware MikroTik Partner.

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Welcome to Wireless Netware! We're Canada's leading MikroTik networking solutions provider, delivering cost-effective and reliable networks across the nation and abroad for over 15 years. Now we invite you to become our wireless partner and benefit from our Partner Program. Let’s see what’s inside!


Wireless Netware partnership is available to all IT companies interested in spreading and working with networking technologies. MikroTik partnership helps you maximize the growth of your business through the Wireless Netware referral program and other benefits available to our partners.

Wireless Netware Partnership
The Partner Program Perks
Experience Priority Support
Become a MikroTik Consultant
Wireless Netware Partnership

Maximize your business grow by becoming a Wireless Netware Partner


Become a Wireless Netware partner and get the benefit of Special perks for our most dedicated customers.
Get VIP access to our VAD support, Wireless Netware partner pricing, a free official training course a year and so much more.

Let’s make our community stronger!

The Partner Program Perks
Experience Priority Support
Become a MikroTik Consultant

What Benefits MikroTik Partnership Offers

As our MikroTik partner, you’re eligible for a number of benefits. Once you register as a partner, you get Wireless Netware priority support on all issues from now on. Get our replies to your tickets within 2 hours. You also get 24/7 access to backup hardware for on-demand recovery. You also get a 14-days free trial for all the MikroTik hardware that you buy. 


As a Wireless Netware partner, you also get monetary benefits in the form of Perks. For example, you get up to 20% off on every product purchase, up to 30% off our consultant services and 50% off extra courses. And that’s still not it!


We offer each of our wireless partners a chance to participate in courses and workshops. We offer #1 training across North America, the quality of which is proved by hundreds of testimonials and reviews. Our seasoned experts possess both theoretical Computer Networking knowledge and years of in-the-field experience, which they are ready to effectively share. 


As a MikroTik partner, you’re eligible for one free training course a year. So, if you’re joining in, signup for our next official training course, and you’ll get the basic knowledge of how networking works! Instead of picking one free course a year, our partners can also pick one free workshop every month. Our workshops focus on practical aspects of networking and allow you to get hands-on experience with MikroTik equipment and software. 


As a partner, you can benefit from our referral program by offering Wireless Netware services and MikroTik equipment to others. What’s more, once you complete our training and pass MikroTik certification, you become a Certified MikroTik Consultant. As a Certified Consultant, you can provide Wireless Netware clients and other MikroTik clients with support and custom services and earn income this way. Moreover, you can join Wireless Netware Technical Fraternity and tap into our pool of entertainment, informal learning and new opportunities!

How Do I Become a MikroTik Partner?

Becoming a Wireless Netware partner is an awesome option for all North American IT companies interested in networking. Fortunately, we made becoming our MikroTik partner simple!


First of all, you’ve got to register an account on our website, which you can do right below. You should complete your application with valid contact information so that we can get back to you ASAP. We’ll contact you to sign a partnership agreement and Wireless Netware NDA. After we’re done with all the paper chores, you’re now officially our wireless partner. You can enjoy exclusive discounts and available free training from now on. As our partner, you’ll receive a monthly report of your partnership. 


Fortunately, MikroTik partnership is highly customizable. You can choose the partnership type that best meets your needs and get the most of either training, referral program, support or all of this at once. As a partner, you can also create your own training and workshop groups consisting of your employees. You can visit our facility for training or we can drop by your office, you choose! 


Become a MikroTik partner right now by answering a couple of simple questions below! We offer you the most beneficial MikroTik partnership filled with benefits and growth opportunities for your business!

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