Wireless Netware


Delivering The Most Cost-Effective, Secure And Reliable Networks For More Than 15 Years.

Being a frontrunner in network and Internet solutions, Wireless Netware has established itself in the market as being specialists in MikroTik and delivering cost-effective, reliable and secure networks. The company believes that its smart solutions will help your business function effectively and grow with us in the future.

What Wireless Netware Offers You

The company offers a wide range of services in addition to numerous training certifications. Their forte includes, but is not limited to SMBs, ISPs and WISPs, and VoIP. Wireless Netware has a reputation of providing secure network connectivity, firewall protection, network roadmaps, equipment recommendations, training and support, amongst a vast number of other solutions. They specialize in MikroTik, a hardware and software company for internet connectivity.

What Is MikroTik?

MikroTik was founded in Riga, Latvia in 1996, starting as a company that developed routers and wireless ISP systems. The need for customization of internet networks was crucial, which led to the development of, first, their software called RouterOS and later, their hardware called RouterBOARD. Since 1996, they have worked their way to being one of the world’s leading internet software and hardware providers, with customers in almost every country of our world. Currently, MikroTik has over 280 employees in Riga, Latvia, being the 20th largest company in Latvia by revenue.

Your Best MikroTik Canada Reseller

MikroTik is now a global company that has established a network of resellers and training associates around the world. Wireless Netware is one of best MikroTik Canada resellers and training associates, offering you first-class products and networking support across North America. We’re one of the most qualified MikroTik distributors that can find affordable, reliable and secure networking solutions for your company. 


Over the last 15 years, Wireless Netware has built an impressive portfolio of clients across various industries such as Information Technology, Media, Health and Hospitality. The company has made enough capacity to take over complete control of your WIFI, data center and network needs, thus allowing businesses to focus on their core functions and not worry about network failures.


Wireless Netware is basically your one-stop-shop for all your Internet and network connectivity needs. We help you figure out which product would be best suited for your need, provide tailor-made solutions to make sure your journey with their product is hassle-free and offer training to make sure all your future needs are met as well. Wireless Netware indeed proves why they are Canada’s leading MikroTik specialists and the #1 MikroTik trainers across North America.

What Hardware & Software Do We Offer?

As MikroTik distributor, we offer you all the hardware and software you need to get the wire or wireless networks of your company going. We offer you quality hardware by MikroTik, including Wireless for Home and Office, switchers, RouterBOARDs, LTE products, interfaces, Ethernet routers, antennas, powerlines and accessories. With us, you’ll find all you need to build an Internet or Intranet network for your business, which is fast, reliable and secure. 


Wireless Hardware is also an official distributor of RouteOS - the operating system of MikroTik RouterBOARD hardware. Our competent professionals are ready to provide you with the basic RouteOS guidance you may need in certain cases. RouteOS system automatically detects any issues and debugs itself to keep functioning smoothly. Finally, RouteOS has all the ISP features you need - routing, firewall, bandwidth control, WIFI point, hotspot getaway, etc. It’s the networking software that you can trust!

Get Support by MikroTik Canada Specialists

At Wireless Hardware, we have over 15 years of experience creating reliable MikroTik wireless networks. We offer you quality on-demand support, which is provided by Certified MikroTik Consultants. You can pay your consultant on an hourly basis or request any services you need and discuss them additionally. For example, our consultants can plan, design and implement wireless networks of any complexity for you. Certified MikroTik Canada specialists will be there 24/7 for you to solve your networking-related issues and make sure that you get the most of your wireless solutions!

Join Our MikroTik Canada Training!

Are you aspiring to become a networking professional? Or do you want your company to provide networking services? All this can be achieved with our MikroTik training and workshops, which give you any networking knowledge from basic to expert. 


At Wireless Netware, we’re not only a MikroTik distributor. A very significant aspect of our company is its MikroTik training, which is renowned all-over North America. We were the first MikroTik certified trainers in Canada and have now become the #1 trainers in North America. With numerous testimonials and reviews, Wireless Netware’s training is considered one of the best with an extremely high success rate. 


At Wireless Netware training, you and your employees get a chance to learn how computer networking systems work and how you can set them up using MikroTik technologies. You’ll learn to plan and implement various types of Internet and Intranet networks to be ready to address all sorts of networking needs. Real equipment is used during the training to give students a deep understanding of the software and hardware. 


Our Training Center also regularly carries out workshops devoted to various networking topics. During a workshop, you get a chance to deepen your knowledge and gain practical skills working with MikroTik equipment in a real-world environment. Our seasoned MikroTik experts  skillfully combine theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to make you a true wireless networking expert! 

After you accomplish certain training courses, you’re eligible for MikroTik Canada Certification. We offer you an opportunity to pass the chosen exams and become a Certified MikroTik Consultant. After you confirm your qualification, you’ll receive a certificate that confirms your Certified Consultant status. You’ll also be invited to join Wireless Netware Technical Fraternity, a community of our wireless networking experts sharing their knowledge and expertise with every member. A few of the certifications offered are Network Associate, Routing Engineer, Wireless Engineer and Traffic Control Engineer, etc.

MikroTik Partnership

At Wireless Netware, we also invite you to partner up with us and enjoy a number of benefits. We’re looking for IT companies interested in networking solutions distribution and support. After registering as a partner, you’ll get an up to 20% discount on our products and services and access to free training and courses for you and your team. Check out our Partnership page to learn more!

At Wireless Netware, we’re the leading MikroTik Canada hardware and software distributor and trainer. We’re proud to offer quality networking solutions and support across North America! Contact us to find what networking solutions we can offer you!