Internet Service Provider

Become your own Internet Service Provider

91% of the Canadian population will have internet conncetivity with an average of 44.2 Mbps download speed by 2020.

Starting this business with our turnkey solution is easy: No industry experience required. We will guide you through the deal, legal documents, contract, and license

    Supported Infrastructure

    • Bell GAS Whole Sale Service
    • Bell HSA Whole Sale Service
    • Rogers Whole Sale Service 

    Solutions for existing third party Internet Service Providers

    We know the common issues...

    • No Road map to scale your client base while maintaining complexity of the technical work load
    • As your system grow it require experience networking engineer to oversee an entire technical operations
    • Overhead cost to upgrade your equipment
    • Up to date manageability and custom training for your staff
    • Security threat management
    • Fast Troubleshooting to avoid downtime
    • Seamless migration


    • Provide full road map of your ISP
    • Implementation and troubleshoot your exisiting issue to get you back up and running
    • Equipment recommendation with leasing/financing option
    • Implement a secure system and monitoring
    • Custom training your staff to get comfortable with the system we designed
    • Cover your back when things goes wrong with our expert networking engineer
    • Affordable, pay as you grow, no fix term contract

    Advance Topic

    • ISP Network Design
    • Dynamic Routing " BGP, OSPF, RIP "
    • Redundancy " VRRP "
    • Quality Of Services " Shaping or Scheduling "
    • Radius
    • MRTG, Packet Flow, SNMP, API, ARP, Sniffing tools, Logging and Graphing.
    • Auto Cloud Backup.
    • Monitoring, Notification via E-Mail and/or SMS

    Interested in our Total Solution where we combine this solution, Managed IT, Support and Training together?

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