Maintain and support a fully-functioning enterprise network without the cost of full-time networking staff. We provide a Certified Networking Engineer on-site as needed. Costs are based on usage, with no fixed-term contract. Get priority support, monitoring, system and firmware updates, and make changes as needed while controlling IT costs.

Services include:

Site-to-Site Connectivity

  • Guaranteed performance backed by industry-leading SLAs
  • Private IP network connectivity in Ontario and Quebec for high-risk monitoring and dispatch services
  • Secure site-to-site VPN using IPSec over L2TP, unlimited tunnels, free license
  • SSTP + certification
  • Open VPN + certification

Monitoring, Notification, Management

  • Centralization of all locations/branches
  • Route analytics
  • Internet server monitoring
  • Notable network monitoring
  • Notification
  • Server co-location/private cloud

Static/Dynamic Routing, MPLS/VPLS

  • Redundancy and fallover
  • OSPF, BGP, VRF, Traffic Engineering

Advanced Wireless Setup

  • Design and Calculate Point-to-Point Wireless link
  • Design and Calculate Point-to-Multi-Point Wireless link
  • Design and Impliment Wireless MESH Network
  • Wireless Security

Authentication and Accounting

  • Wire and Wireless Hotspots Network
  • Radius Server, Authentication and Accounting
  • PPPoE, LNS and LAC
  • Traffic shaping, Quality of Services.


  • Need to set up a new network?
  • Undertake a vendor selection process?
  • just improve your current one?

We can help you figure out what you need, provide a roadmap, provide equipment recommendations, then design, implement and optimize a network that meets your needs. And we’ll provide documentation and training, so you know exactly what you’re getting and why it makes sense. (Packages available. Minimum 5 hours.)


We can help you establish a new ISP "BELL Wholesale, Rogers Wholesale, Cogeco Wholesale" or expand an existing operation. Our turnkey solution makes it easy – no experience required.

  • Services include:
  • Providing a full roadmap of your ISP (existing or envisioned)
  • ISP network design
  • Dynamic routing (BGP, OSPF, RIP)
  • Redudancy (VRRP)
  • Quality of services shaping or scheduling
  • MRTG, packet flow, SNMP, API, ARP, sniffing tools, logging and graphing
  • Equipment recommendation with financing/leasing options
  • Implementation and testing
  • Automated cloud backup
  • Monitoring and notification
  • Training of your staff and/or stakeholders as required
  • Senior networking engineer on-call for support and backup
  • Affordable, pay-as—you-go, no-fixed-term contract


For the past 5 years, we’ve been rated the #1 Mikrotik trainer in North America, and we offer comprehensive individual, private and group training sessions across Canada all year around. For more information about our training sessions, CLICK HERE.

Our Networking Solutions