RoMON-Router Management Overlay Network

RoMON Features

● Secure Layer2 access to MikroTik devices via:

  • – Physical connection
  • – Through a Layer2 tunnel

● Discovery and Management of the Mikrotik devices via:

  • – Ping
  • – SSH
  • – Winbox

● Discovery of RoMON devices over multiple hops

● Tunnel Winbox connection to a remote location for

  • management of RoMON enabled devices at the remote location

RoMON connection

● RoMON enabled devices establishes a independent MAC layer peer discovery and data forwarding protocol

● RoMON network operates independent from L2 or L3 forwarding configuration

● Communication is based on the RoMON ID which is taken from the first MAC address of the board

● Supports only Wireless and Ethernet like interfaces

● MikroTik Proprietary protocol

RoMON configuration

● RoMON device ID can be changed

● Secret – global passphrase for communicatinon to other RoMON devices

RoMON Ports

● Interfaces on which RoMON can do communication
● Different Cost Interfaces

  • – Same Cost used for TX/RX

● Override Secret for Interfaces

RoMON using Winbox

  • Connect to RoMON enabled router using v3.x Winbox with IP or MAC address

RoMON using Winbox

  • Select the routers RoMON ID to connect to
  • RoMON Winbox Features  
  • Using a RoMON enabled network device connection it is possible to connect to any RoMON enabled device which is reachable from the host device
  • Provides easy Winbox management withing remote networks like it would be a local network
  • Drag-and-drop supported to upload files to the remote RoMON device