What are the requirements for IT companies to become a MikroTik consultant?

How can my ISP or IT company become a MikroTik certified consultant?

(And why would we want to?)

You already know the advantages of MikroTik hardware: It’s reliable, easy to install and use – and it delivers great value for your ISP and your clients.

But the truth is that there aren’t a whole lot of online, easily-accessible resources for your clients to tap into when they need support or want to update their systems. Which means there’s an opportunity for your ISP to deliver better service, and add a revenue stream, by adding a certified MikroTik consultant (also known as the ‘Train the Trainer’ certification) to your team.

Why does this make sense for small and mid-sized ISPs and IT companies?

MikroTik is a growing, global company which has been supplying routers and wireless ISP systems, as well as hardware and software for internet connectivity to businesses around the world since 1996. By delivering great solutions for a fraction of the cost of competitors, it’s becoming an obvious choice for more and more companies in North America.

By adding a MikroTik certified consultant to your team, your company can:

  • Give potential clients a sense of security that they won’t be ‘on their own’ if they choose MikroTik hardware
  • Provide long-term, in-depth service  - which helps with client retention
  • Develop an additional revenue stream via training courses in your local area
  •   Ensure you’re prepared for the increasing growth in wireless, mobile data and network complexity
  • Provide flexibility and scalability to clients (and potential clients) who need to grow their networks

What do you need to become a MikroTik consultant?

You need your MTCNA (MikroTik Certified Network Associate) certificate with a score of 75% or better, plus one valid MikroTik Engineer-level certificate:

  •  MTCRE - MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer

  • MTCWE - MikroTik Certified Wireless Engineer
  • MTCTCE - MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer 
  • MTCUME - MikroTik Certified User Management Engineer 
  • MTCIPv6E - MikroTik Certified IPv6 Engineer 
  • MTCINE - MikroTik Certified Inter-networking Engineer 

Is it time you learned more about how your organization can benefit?

Get in touch – we’d love to talk to you about the opportunities in your area and how adding a certified MikroTik consultant to your team could make a real difference to your bottom line.