Choose how and where to access your business

No matter where the Remote Employees are located it is important how reliable, secure their connectivity is.

What is important for IT department to simplify connectivity and won’t lose the security with a cost-effective solution?

(And why would you want to)?

It’s common for companies to have at least one employee who works remotely.

To increase the efficiency and performance, because it will be cost effective for the employer and the employees, have people working in different time zones and have a team with different perspectives, but what they need to know to build a reliable, high performance and secure Network infrastructure?

Solutions for Network Engineers:

We know the common issues...

  • The weakness on the Network design is the Manager’s devices and Remote employee’s devices where most of the attacks and viruses can bypass the firewall through them.
  • To setup a secure tunnel between remote employees and Company’s local resources, it’d be a huge job to setup a tunnel per each remote device.
  • Maintaining, Security and troubleshooting is always a disaster when you should troubleshoot different operating systems and it would be worst when you don’t have direct access to it.
  • Every time when operating system changes you need to upgrade and redo all the setup from the beginning.
  • It is important what type of Tunnel you use and if all the operating systems are supporting this tunnel or not.
  • Sometimes to increase the security you need to develop your own propriety tunnel software or else using the third-party tunnel software.
  • There is no redundancy solution available.
  • No graph, No Statistics, No Central Management 
  • Maintenance for this type of network cause a lot of down time.
  • Very small changes into this system will consumes a lot of time and money and sometimes it is impossible.
  • Scalability issue.
  • Reliability on this type of networks defined how reliable are the Remote employee’s devices. 


  • Centralized and/or Decentralized, VPN Server(s) should design to increase Reliability and Redundancy.
  • Connectivity, by creating Multiple active tunnels between VPN-client and VPN-Server(s) “L2TP, Open VPN, SSTP, GRE, IPIP, EoIP” to provide Fail-Over and Reliability.
  • Reachability, Most of the standard Routing protocols are available to make your network reachable from anywhere. Just trace it and be proud of it.
  • Productivity, maintenance “Upgrading the OS/Firmware, Upgrade the hardware, Fault/Crash” is unpredictable and you should be prepared. We design it with %99.999999999 high availability and no down time is warranted.
  • Scalability, your network shouldn't depend of lots of different variables like different types OS, provider limit, limited firewall, and the most important is USER-FAULT.  
  • Easy to Monitor, you shouldn't miss lots of useful features and tools because it is hard to access, hard to use or it consumes a lot of costs. We monitor what we are going to build and let you enjoy.
  • Security, security does not mean how to protect the pipe in the path but let the door open for everybody to bypass the firewall. We design and secure the network based on how your company and your resources is structured.  

Our costs are not your expense, we bring value to your business by saving a time and keeping your network always productive. 

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We are specialized in familiarizing you with the issues and then using practical examples and LABs to illustrate the finer details. All there is to know about MikroTik RouterOS and RouterBOARDs.