1. *WNT Responsibility: 

While *WNT utilizes reasonable skill and due care in providing managed services, *WNT will not be liable for: 
i) Wilful acts, defaults or negligent use of the equipment outside of the manufacturers operating instructions by CLIENT; 
ii) Any damage caused by the CLIENT or a third party as a result of upgrade or modification to any Equipment covered under this Agreement; 
iii) Faults with software utilized by Client; iv) Use of destructive software by Client; 
CLIENT will indemnify and hold harmless *WNT against any damages, losses, costs or expenses that are a result of actions taken by the client in breach of this section. 

2. CLIENT Responsibility: 

Client will: 
i) At its own expense care for and operate its equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and will only use the equipment for the purpose for which it was designed; 
ii) Ensure that the equipment is operated in a skillful and proper manner by persons who are trained to a competent standard; and 
iii) Provide safe access to the CLIENT site so that *WNT may provide the managed services. 
If CLIENT refuses, it may not be possible for *WNT to provide the managed services and as such this AGREEMENT may be immediately terminated by *WNT with the CLIENT being liable for costs incurred by *WNT. 
Client’s execution below will form a legally binding Agreement and as such, your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions is signified by your electronic certification and electronic signature.