MTCNA - MikroTik Certified Network Associate

April 03-05, Canada, Calgary

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MiktoTik Training general information

  • All students who attend the training can receive free L4 license from MikroTik. Training should be at least 3 days long.
  • Students are allowed to take the certification test ONLY upon the attendance of respective training course, in the class, under the supervision of a MikroTik Certified Training Partner.
  • Each certification test consists of pre-defined % of random questions (multiple choice and true/false) from certain question categories. Questions also have a difficulty parameter. MTCNA test is generated from easier questions, Advanced tests - from more difficult questions.
  • Only one attempt is allowed. Test must be finished within one hour. Pass grade is set to 60%. There are 25 questions in the test.
  • Certificate numbers and RouterOS L4 licenses are assigned automatically by MikroTik. Students can see their certificates and generate license keys once logged into the account server. Printed certificates from MikroTik cost USD 30 per piece, shipping is not included.
  • Remote training sessions and certification exams are not allowed.
  • MikroTik Certification Test without prior attendance of particular MikroTik Training Session is not allowed.
  • The price includes class attendance, course materials, coffee breaks and lunch “Only for local Training”. The price does not include travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Please bring (very important): Laptop, power extension strip (10ft./3m) with 5 sockets, 1 long Ethernet cable (16ft./5m+) and several short Ethernet cables.
  • Cost: Early bird price for the course is $$$$. It is valid 20 days before the scheduled course referring to the MikroTik Training website. The price will be $$$$$$ after the early bird date. The price includes class attendance, course materials, coffee breaks and lunch” Only for local Training”. The price does not include travel and accommodation expenses. The seat is reserved and guaranteed only after the payment is received in full amount. 
  • Certificates will only be valid for 3 years.
  • Become a consultant: It's simple, if you have MTCNA (score 75%+) and at least one valid MikroTik Engineer level certificate (MTCRE, MTCWE, MTCTCE, MTCUME or MTCINE) with score 75%+, apply by email with your account name and fields of expertise, and MikroTik will add you to the list. To stay in the consultant list, you will have to have valid certificates, participate in the MikroTik Forum and attend the MUM events in your country conducting RouterOS case studies or workshops for rest of attendees.

BEST WESTERN Freeport Inn & Suites

86 Freeport Blvd NE Calgary, AB T3J 5J9


You have successfully enrolled in the training "MTCNA"!

The training now is listed in your training sessions page and your trainer knows you will be participating. Please wait for further details about the test from your trainer.

Try example test

To attendees who are interested in MTCNA training, the trainer should provide information about suggested reading on TCP/IP and encourage to try 'Example test' on training portal.

Come with your own...

Laptop that can be used for presentation (projector might be VGA-only and or HDMI- only),

Course Information

  • Language: The course language is English.
  • Class format: 5-8 participants per class, maximum 10
  • Venue: Wireless Netware Office
  • Accommodation: Participants of the training are responsible for their accommodation.
  • Registration: starts at 09:00 AM on April 03-05, 2017
  • Training classes: start at 9:00 AM each day and end at 05:00 PM or later
  • Refreshments, coffee and lunch: provided to all participants free of charge