MikroTik Certified Training Schedule

Wireless Netware is announcing a new MikroTik training events in Canada. 

Are you looking for a Scalable & Complex Network design, Powerful Firewall, Centralized Network Management, Reliability  and Redundancy , Prioritize Network Traffic, Failover & Load balance, Setup a Powerful Secure Wireless Network, Static & Dynamic Routing, Monitoring Software & want to be a part of MikroTik Consultant community? 

Wireless Netware is the only MikroTik Trainer Partner in Toronto, Ontario and the first trainer in Canada, we are offering all of the MikroTik Certified Engineering courses useful for Network Engineers, Internet Service Providers, Wireless Service Providers and VoIP Engineers.

Enroll now! 

Ask us how to become a MikroTik Certified Consultant and offer your new skills to your network. 

Group Training Course!

We also offer group course for the companies like you, the benefit of this type of training is you could choose the topics and our focus will be based on the networking labs related to your network design. 
This course is designed based on different examples and practical LABs on the topics you requested for to make sure your team will get all the information they are suppose to learn.



2017 August 07-09 (MTCNA) "Secure your Seat"

2017 August 10-11 (MTCRE) "Secure your Seat"

2017 August 17-18 (MTCINE+The-Dude workshop) "Secure your Seat"

2017 September 04-06 (MTCNA) "Secure your Seat"

2017 September 07-08 (MTCRE+The-Dude workshop) "Secure your Seat"

2017 October 02 (MTCNA For Review & Re-Certified) "Secure your Seat"

2017 October 03-04 (MTCRE+The Dude Workshop) "Secure your Seat"

2017 October 05-06 (MTCINE+The Dude Workshop) "MoreSecure your Seat"

2017 November 06-07 (MTCNA) "Secure your Seat"

2017 November 08-10 (MTCWE) "Secure your Seat"


Schedule your course!


Schedule your course!



Schedule your course!


Schedule your course!


Schedule your course!

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  • Private "group course"
  • Choose your own topics!
  • Localize it!
  • Same price!


2017 June 26-28 (MTCWE)

2017 June 29-30 (MTCTCE)

2017 July 24-26 (MTCNA)

2017 July 27-28 (MTCRE+The-Dude workshop)

2017 August 14-17 (MTCRE+The-Dude workshop)

2017 September 18-19 (MTCTCE)

2017 September 20-21 (MTCUME)

2017 September 25-27 (MTCWE)

2017 November 09-10 (MTCRE+The-Dude workshop)

2017 November 20-22 (MTCWE)

2017 November 23-24 (MTCUME)



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